'Going Greens' is our mission for sustainability

'Going Greens’ is a slogan, and our mission to celebrate 'Earth Day' everyday. Sourcing locally, using compostable packaging, composting all of our green waste and even down to using compostable meal prep gloves our team takes pride integrating these sustainable practices every time we walk into the kitchen. We wanted to take a brief moment to share a bit about how we accomplish each of these details and the support we receive in doing so...

1. Eco-friendly compostable packaging - by worldcentric, we know that if these go into our ocean they will compost in 180 days from sun, air and water https://www.worldcentric.com/

2. Composting our green waste - we collect buckets full of green produce waste and feed the pigs @waipafoundation https://waipafoundation.org/ making sure to only source local organic produce so we know our pigs are getting the best produce too

3. Recycling our containers - any plastics, glass or aluminum are cleaned of food debris and taken to a recycling center where we sort to recycle 

4. Details... Re-using our rubber bands, plastic bags from our market produce and using only compostable gloves during food prep. Even though some of these might be a bit messier to wash or the compostable gloves might not fit as snug as plastic, we are proud to take the time to make our practice good for mother earth

5. Sourcing locally - the best way to 'Go Greens' is to source our produce and meats as locally and organically as we can. Reducing our carbon foot print and supporting our local economy so we can live in a more sustainable food system

6. Choosing paper labels and bags - although our recycled paper labels may not be as shiny and the ink might run if exposed to water, we know that the plastics used to typically produce labels are not going to be around longer than we are. We feel good about sharing our delicious food with you and supporting our environment in the small choices we make with each product

Mahalo to you for you support and to our beautiful island Kaua'i for sharing it's abundance with us