The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

The word "organic" means that crops and vegetables are grown without any usage of pesticides, petroleum based fertilizers, sewage sludge based fertilizers nor any bioengineered genes (GMOs). Organic foods are grown using natural fertilizers such as manure and compost. When you choose organic you also choose to fight pests using natural methods, like birds that feed on pests, insects that fight off pests, and traps to relocate pests when needed. How food is grown affects your health directly, that is why eating organic food has many benefits like: No pesticides. Food is always more fresh. Food contains more nutrients and fatty acids than conventionally grown food. Food is GMO free, which means it is safer to consume, as it will not lead to cell mutation in your body, which leads to cancer. If you combine that with the fact that food is locally grown, you get maximum results for your health and wellbeing of the environment. There are a plethora of benefits -financially and non-financially- to eating local food. Of these benefits: Money stays inside the local economy. You do not lose money value when changing currency to buy things from other places. Transportation time is decreased exponentially, which means there will be no need to use harmful preservatives to preserve food for long distance transportation. Eating local food guarantees that your food will always be fresh.