What is local sourcing?

Local sourcing is the act of purchasing food, ingredients, and other consumable products from a specific area or region, and delivering it to another area within your country's border, where you can enjoy the authentic experience of the food. In a 2012 study done by Charleston, it was found that the majority of consumers purchase locally sourced food. This is due to the fact that customers tie the word "local" with "fresh" and "healthy", so they go for any consumable product that is "local." For farmers on Kauai, growing local plants here is also tied to the market demand. By raising awareness on the benefits of the local foods here on Kauai, we can keep these local farmers growing native and traditional Hawaiian crops in business. Kaua'i can offer many varieties of plants that no where else in the world these crops can be found as prevelant. Due to our rich soil and good weather healthy local crops can grow all year long. Some of these plants that can not be found anywhere else or as abundant are very beneficial for your health and some even have a curing effect. Take the Noni plant as an example, this amazing plant with an abundance of health benefits grows very well here on Kaua'i because of our rich soil and tropical temperatures. We can say the same for the Taro farms, nutrient dense food that is a staple in the Native Hawaiian diet. Building a strong network between food businesses like restaurants, and agribusinesses like farmers, farmers and chefs can collaborate to improve the quality and value of our food. Not only that, but local sourcing allow farmers to enter new markets with new opportunities.